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By logging in to the Health Partner Gateway, I agree to be bound by the Terms of Use.

Terms of Use

Please read and review these Terms of Use carefully. In agreeing to the Terms of Use you are entering into a binding legal agreement with the Health Shared Services Ontario (HSSOntario).

In consideration of being granted access to the Health Partner Gateway in connection with or as a result of my job responsibilities and duties, as determined by a participating health partner organization, I agree to comply with and be bound by the following Terms of Use. I acknowledge that in accessing the Health Partner Gateway, I may have access to personal health information relating to clients of one or more health information custodians (“Client Information”).

These Terms apply exclusively to my access to and use of this application and do not alter the terms or conditions of any other agreement I may have with a Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) or the HSSOntario. The HSSOntario reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change any part of the Terms of Use in whole or in part, at any time. Changes will be effective when notice of such change is posted on this page.

Use of the Health Partner Gateway

I acknowledge that I have been granted permission to use the Health Partner Gateway for the purposes of performing my official duties within my respective health partner organization, be it a LHIN, contracted Service Provider or Vendor, Long Term Care Home, Hospital, or other community partner organization. I agree to only use the Health Partner Gateway as authorized by my health partner organization, and only for the purposes and to the extent permitted by my access rights, as may be amended from time to time.

Confidential Access

I acknowledge that my right to access the Health Partner Gateway is non-transferable and is limited to the ability to access, use and view Client Information, as necessary to perform my job function. I shall not share, transfer or assign my access rights to any other person.

Restrictions and Prohibitions on the Access, Collection and Use of Client Information

In accessing Client Information via Health Partner Gateway, I shall comply with applicable privacy laws, including the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA), professional standards and guidelines and organizational policies and procedures. I shall only access Client Information for the purposes of providing health care or assisting in the provision of health care to the individual and only as required to perform my official duties. I shall keep confidential any Client Information to which I have access through the Health Partner Gateway.

Restrictions and Prohibitions on Disclosure of Client information

I shall not discuss, disclose, release, reproduce or otherwise provide or make available Client Information to any other person or entity unless I have been assigned responsibility for disclosure of this information as part of my official duties. Where authorized, any disclosure of Client Information shall comply with the requirements of PHIPA.

Authorization and Registration Information

I am responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of my registration information (including username, password and/or email address) and shall be responsible for all uses of my registration, whether or not authorized by me. I agree to report any unauthorized use of my username, password or single sign-on access. I am responsible for the security of the devices used to gain access to the Health Partner Gateway and I agree to maintain appropriate security measures as required by PHIPA and health partner organizational policies and procedures.

Non-compliance with Terms of Use

I understand that each access to the Health Partner Gateway is electronically captured and logged and may be subject to random, as well as targeted audits.

I will promptly notify my health partner organization should I become aware of any breach or potential breach of these Terms of Use.

I understand that breach of these Terms of Use may result in my access rights being removed, disciplinary action by my health partner organization, legal action under applicable laws or professional disciplinary action.

Last Updated: April 27, 2018